Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Mid Crit

Since the second mid crit, my project has evolved a lot. I have pushed all of the fingers together and created a much more dynamic landscape. There is no longer a disconnect between pieces and overall the project now flows much better.

I used my site model to determine where the fanning of the fingers would happen. Taking the white string, I found the convergence point of the existing forms, and placed a nail at that point. From there I used a series of brown strings to represent where the fingers would be placed and at what angle. Using the strings as guidelines, I started to carve away at the site.

My idea when pushing the fingers together was that you wouldn't be able to walk straight down one path from top to bottom. You would have to engage the landscape and traverse from one finger to another. Once you have moved from one side to the next, that original side now becomes the graves and visa versa. There is constantly a movement from walkway to burial wall. From the outside, it is hard to tell where exactly people are burried and what is a walkway because the forms are very similar.

The next step was to think of a way to direct the public in the areas I want them to move. To do this I am using a series of trees placed according to my study of an original draw-del.

In the draw-del you can see how the nails form rows in some places but implied walls in others. By opening these rows up, you invite the user to explore that row. By creating an implied wall, you tell the user to go somewhere else. So I took the nails and placed them precisely where I would like people to walk around, and pull them in different directions. 

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