Thursday, April 19, 2012

Benches and Ending the Burial Area

I am now faced with the challenge of how I want to end my burial area. I originally wanted it to slowly fade into the landscape with a series of trees that get less dense as you move away but I feel like I might be able to add a little more on top of that idea. From a precedent I found a few days ago (you can find it a few posts down) I got the idea of adding benches at the end that look like the fingers rise out of the ground one last time and fold back to create a nice seating area. This will only happen at special places because a line of benches at the end is just too predictable of a solution. Where there aren't benches, I am thinking a small deck to help create the boundary from cemetery to open site will look very appropriate.

Here are some sketches and a small model to help you visualize my thoughts.

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