Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm struggling with the idea of how to end my burial space. I have gone through a few versions including my previous post on the benches. It has evolved to the excavation of land at the bottom of the burial area to create a balcony over looking the river bed and mountains below. My biggest problem is finding the form and reason of where I want it to end. The space needs to be proportional to the existing cemetery along with my addition. The first picture shown is the first balcony sketch that shows the points where the fingers end, and transposing that onto a point about 30-60 feet away in spaces.

(rotated really weird?) it's saved in a horizontal orientation on my computer

This second picture is showing my second idea done in model. Drawing wasn't producing any results for me so I started working in model again and used the angle produced by the first terrace off of the burial space to create the cut angle of the ends. The angle helps direct the public towards the terraces that are used to get back to the entrance. 

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